Maya Series
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Maya Series portfolio

After a holiday in Central America the ancient architecture of Maya cities was a huge source of inspiration. These are the quilts I made and also some photos of the beautiful stonework on the facades
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Places portfolio

These quilts and hangings have been inspired by the people, culture, architecture and landscapes of places I have visited
Plants & Flowers
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Plants & Flowers portfolio
All sorts
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All sorts portfolio

These are quilts which don't fit into the other categories!
Some were made for a particular exhibition theme or challenge, or to an abstract theme
Calling Cards
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Calling Cards portfolio
(Contains 36 photos)

For the past three years I have been making journal quilts with Contemporary Quilt, a specialist group within the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles
In 2011 the first four months include circles, the second four had to include text and the last four had to have a button/s. The size is 10" square.
In 2012 the first four are 'shades of red', the second four 'shades of yellow' and the last four 'shades of blue'. Size is A4.
2013 - My theme for the year is Venice. The size is 12" x 8" landscape.
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IDENTITY portfolio

IDENTITY was the theme for the inaugural exhibition of ART TEXTILES:MADE IN BRITAIN at the NEC, Birmingham, in August 2014. These three quilts represent my three creative careers, as a dancer, dressmaker and art quilter.
Kuwait Visit
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Kuwait Visit portfolio
Quilt en Sud
(Contains 2 photos)
Quilt en Sud portfolio